Flora and Fauna | Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park and Ba Be Lake, which is an area of astonishing natural beauty, also boasts high levels of biodiversity. The combination of mountains, freshwater lakes, caves, rivers and forests makes this area a haven for all sorts of amazing fauna and flora.

The park is a blanketed in a thick evergreen forest on a bed of limestone rich soil. Ba Be Lake, which translates to Three Lakes, is actually the largest freshwater lake in Vietnam and supports over 100 different types of fish some of which you can see as you float over the water. The caves which have formed through erosion of the karsts also provides another habitat for animals of Ba Be.

There are plenty of great habitats in the park for mammals, and with the relatively low impact of the human population, many mammals can thrive here. A total of 65 mammal species are known to be living in Ba Be National Park, including macaques, langurs, Chinese pangolins, slow loris and red giant flying squirrels. There is also a strong population of bats, with as many as 18 different species inhabiting the caves.

Reptiles have also found a good home in Ba Be with 43 different species found within the park including lizards and snakes.
There are also hundreds of different bird and butterflies species filling the treetops with a flurry of song and colour.
As you journey through Ba Be, either on foot or by boat or bike, you are bound to come across some of these incredible species. It really is a dream destination for nature lovers.