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Why Ba Be Jungle House


The most loyal of our guests know this place under the name of Mr Linh’s Homestay, a traditional accommodation, rustic but comfortable, overlooking Ba Be lake.
Here is the story…

Ba Be Jungle Houses, flashback

Mr Linh was born in the shade of a tea bush on a cool, misty November morning, eager to face the world. He grew up in the rice fields of Phu Tho Province, mowing grass for his grandfather's buffalo and working in the rice fields. Linh's curiosity for the world grew as he grew older, and he aspired to be a tour guide. He had a dream : meeting people from all over the world and introducing them to his country's wonderful landscapes and cultures. He made his initial steps toward his aspirations when he was 19, traveling to Hanoi to study tourism at a university and learn English. Linh worked hard to pay his studies, working in local eateries and as a builder and welder, giving him great expertise when it came to setting up his homestay.

Linh chose to get away from the bustling city during his undergraduate years and traveled to the exquisite shores of Ba Be Lake, where he was welcomed by the apparition of two ghosts who would transform his life. The first was the spirit of Ba Be Lake and Ba Be Park, who captured his imagination, and the second was the Green Fairy, a lovely Tay girl who captured his heart. He first spotted her in a dug-out boat on the calm lake waters, her long dress almost kissing the water. He was intrigued by her, and he could see her allure and beauty reflected in the breathtaking surroundings.

From that moment on, he knew he would devote his life to this woman and build a house and future for them in Ba Be. Linh began planning his dream endeavor, requesting permission from the government to launch a tourism business in Ba Be National Park, fueled by love and passion for his new home and wife. His goal was to establish a tourism organization that would not only share the beauty of Ba Be with the rest of the globe, but would also help the local communities.

Ba Be Jungle Houses
Ba Be Jungle Houses, nowadays
Close to the water, close to the people, far from the national highway, convenient to advance, convenient to retreat, Ba Be Jungle Houses is the right choice for visitors who are searching for a combination of charm and a convenient position from where to explore surroundings. Right place for those whose are looking for a place to relax, Ba Be Jungle Houses is a combination of 5 different ethnic cultural influences.

Ba Be Jungle Houses complex
The accommodation is a collaboration of five distinct ethnic tribes who live in Ba Be National Park. Coming to Mr Linh's Homestay, you will get the opportunity to reconnect with nature and sample local dishes prepared by Tay people that you will not find anywhere else.

You will choose between :
- Pig houses, for those who look for a simple and comfortable authentic stay
- Monkey houses, From Royal Double (Private bathroom), Deluxe Room with shared toilets, to Family Room with balcony, choose your accommodation and amenities that fits to your needs
- Tiger houses, designed in an open-concept living area, it comes with oversized windows and lots of in-room facilities
- The lounge, just the right place where to unwind at homestay with hectic outside
- The infinity pool for a total immersion in natural life
- The garden & outdoor kitchen, reflecting the unique Tay people atmosphere

Ba Be Jungle Houses
Jungle Houses location
Bordered by 5 villages of different ethnicities, Jungle Houses is ideally located in the heart of Ba Be National Park, a hidden gem of North-Vetnam.
On a map, you will find this exceptional Homestay at the village of Coc Toc, commune of Nam Mau, district of Ba Be district, province of Bac Kan - Vietnam

How to get to Ba Be Jungle Houses from Ha Noi
Mr Linh's Adventures can organise private car transfers from Hanoi to Ba Be (Mornings & Afternoons) from US $110 for 7-seat car (one way, 4 hours trip). Please contact them via their hotline number: (+84) 98 6016 068 or (+84) 989 587 400

What to do in Ba Be National Park
Dive into adventures ! Ba Be Jungle Houses is the best choice for visitors who are searching getaways in hidden paths. In the heart of dense vegetation dotted with karst cliffs, the Homestay is the pretext for many activities :

- Trekking, the best way to explore the amazing natural diversity of Ba Be National Park and to meet the people living here
- Kayaking, the ideal way to discover the breathtaking beauty of Ba Be Lake and its wild life
- Cycling, for those who prefer to stay on the ground, along the shores of the lake or sink into the dense jungle
- Caving, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to encounter amazing experiences in an underground realm that few visitors have had the opportunity to explore.
- Getaway to the beautiful Ban Gioc Waterfall, which sits on the border between Vietnam and China.
- Cooking local cuisine, an activity that foodies will gladly share with all other travelers !

Ba Be Jungle Houses
How to book your room at Ba Be Jungle Houses
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