Na Phòong Cave | Ba Be National Park

Located in the core zone of Ba Be National Park, about 500m southeast of Bo Lu village, Na Phòong cave is a cave with complex geological structure with many niches. Especially the cave is a combination of a shallow cave and an underground river system interwoven.

The length of the cave is estimated to be about 3km with an underground river within responsible for carrying water from the upstream of the river flowing from Nam Cuong commune, to Ba Be lake. The ceiling of the cave is high, with many stalactites and stalagmites with a system of shallow caves continuing from the ceiling to the top of Bo Lu mountain. In the cave, you can enjoy many large columns and sinkholes right from the mouth of the cave, which is surrounded by primeval forests. This place is home to a variety of species of bats and reptiles.

On a historical note, this place is associated with the activities of the Voice of Vietnam during the long years of fighting against French colonialism, and was home to the Viet Minh forces living and working on the front since 1945.

The cave system has been discovered by local people since the early 2000s but so far has not been exploited and used so it still retains its pristine look, promising to be a sightseeing spot. Outstanding tourism for young people who love to explore!

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