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Impacts of climate change on Ba Be National Park

Paradise at Risk: Climate Change Threatens Ba Be National Park's Pristine Beauty

Ba Be National Park: A natural and scientific jewel in North Vietnam

Ba Be National Park, a breathtaking tapestry of emerald lakes, limestone peaks, and lush rainforests, isn't just a visual marvel. This North Vietnamese sanctuary is a treasure trove of biodiversity, and a hub for dedicated conservation and research efforts.

Ba Be National Park: an exceptional biodiversity reserve in the heart of Vietnam

Dive into Vietnam's Emerald Heart: Unveiling the Biodiversity Paradise of Ba Be National Park

Authentic flavours in Ba Be National Park

Beyond the stunning scenery, Ba Be National Park offers a hidden gem: its cuisine!
Embark on a culinary journey unlike any other.

Discover the ethnic minorities of Ba Be National Park

Immerse yourself in a tapestry of vibrant cultures, where ancient traditions intertwine with breathtaking landscapes in Ba Be National Park – a hidden gem that unveils the rich diversity of Vietnam's ethnic minorities.

5 reasons why Ba Be National Park should be on your visit list in Vietnam

Ba Be National Park, nestled in Bac Can Province, beckons with its mystical allure. Picture emerald lakes cradled by limestone karsts, dense forests teeming with rare wildlife, and a rich tapestry of ethnic communities.
Unveil the 5 compelling reasons why this natural wonder should be at the top of your Vietnam travel list !

Ba Be National Park uncovered: Expert tips for solo travelers

Ba Be National Park is a beautiful and serene destination located in the northern part of Vietnam that is perfect for solo travelers looking for a peaceful getaway in nature. Here you can discover Ba Be Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam, which also features incredible biodiversity, stunning geological treasures and gorgeous primary forests.

Vietnam - Part 2 - Ba Be National Park

Vietnam established Ba Be National Park in 1992. The center of the park is Ba Be Lake, which means Three Lakes referring to its three distinct parts. It is the largest freshwater lake in Vietnam.

Top 5 trekking routes in Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park has long acquired its reputation for being a special-use forest, combining famous ecotourism with a diverse system of rivers, lakes, caves and vegetation in Bac Kan province.

The 10 best accommodations in Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park has a wide range of accommodations, varying from budget hostels and homestays to deluxe hotels. With such competition, only a few stand out for offering the whole package. Here are the 10 best accommodations in Ba Be National Park.
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