New Evidence of Prehistoric Human Presence in Ba Be National Park

Written on July 23, 2020 - Updated May, 2024

In July 2020, archaeologists made a major discovery in the caves of Ba Be National Park, located in northern Vietnam's Bac Kan province. They found objects dating back some 20,000 years, revealing the earliest traces of human occupation in the region.

Ba Be national park is home to a unique ecosystem, with limestone karst mountains typical of northern Vietnam and evergreen forests. In the center is Ba Be Lake, one of the world's largest natural lakes at 178m altitude. It consists of 3 lakes surrounded by karsts with incredible caves carved out by erosion over the years.

In caves such as Tham Khit, Tham Mya, Na Phoong and Ba Cua, archaeologists have unearthed nearly 100 objects dating from the Mesolithic to the early Bronze Age.

Na Phoong Cave, South of Ba Be National Park

The oldest pieces date back 20,000 years, with stone tools, bones and animal teeth probably used for feeding.

The Tham Mya cave yielded stone artefacts dating back to the Hoa Binh civilization, which lived in the Mesolithic period between 12,000 and 10,000 BC. The Na Phoong and Ba Cua caves revealed ceramics from the early Bronze Age, around 2,000 years BC.

Examples of artefacts found in Tham Khit cave, North of Ba Be National Park

It's quite a discovery, and one that's boosting Ba Be Park's reputation! Although little visited by tourists for the moment, this exceptional natural site should attract more visitors. A welcome spotlight to support local ethnic groups and preserve the rich biodiversity of the park and lake.

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