Spend Your Holiday in Vietnam Touring the Country

For every year that passes, it's getting easier to travel to Vietnam.

Flight costs used to be enough to prevent travel to this Southeast Asian nation. But as prices to create more low-cost options for flyers, that's no longer the same barrier to entry that it once was. Still, many people visiting Vietnam for the first time have one question: what will I do when I get there? A holiday in Vietnam is an abstract idea to many travellers. They're unfamiliar with the customs and culture and don't know how to find what they're looking for.

If this describes you, don't worry.  There's a simple solution to finding a cost-effective way to experience a fulfilling trip to Vietnam: group travel.
Traveling with guided tour groups can give you good rates and unique finds. It's the best of both worlds. Here's why you should consider signing up for one for your next trip.


Where to Go in Vietnam

There are infinite ways that a holiday in Vietnam could be the best trip ever. There are also some ways it could go wrong.

We're here to help. The number of places you can visit in Vietnam is astounding; the natural elements there are second to none.

Perhaps the most iconic of the natural beauty in Vietnam is Halong Bay. The Bay is home to a series of green hills and small islands that dot the calm water. You can ride a boat through it and gaze at the beauty, whether for a short day-trip or a longer multi-day excursion.

But the city scene is equally impressive in its own way.

Visiting Hanoi is so popular that it's on the verge of becoming one of the most global, interesting cities. There are sights, restaurants, and scenery that will leave you gasping.

The same can be said for Ho Chi Minh City. If you're able to figure out the logistics, you can consider traveling by car between major cities. It'll be a road trip you'll never forget.

And that doesn't even mention the rich culinary history that exists in Vietnam. Indeed, there's so much to do on a holiday in to this wonderful country that you might have a hard time choosing.

That's where group travel can help.


Spend Your Holiday in Vietnam Touring the Country

Why Group Travel?

Traveling with a larger group is for many the best way of ensuring memorable travel experiences wherever they go. Not convinced? Then please continue reading.

The economic advantage of group travel can't be understated. If you travel by yourself or in a small unorganized group in Vietnam, you can easily find yourself spending more on transport, accommodation and activities than you have to.

Group travel eliminates a lot of extra costs. The discount of a group isn't limited to just one realm of the trip. From plane tickets to dining to tickets to tourist sights, the economic benefit of group travel reverberates. This is especially true for us here at Mr Linh’s Adventures, as our extensive experience and long-standing contacts and partners allows us to offer rates that are unmatched, especially compared to what you’ll pay when organizing everything yourself.

You might be also sceptical about traveling in large groups of people you don't know. The truth is that traveling in groups allows you to meet people.

In this way you get the chance to build lasting friendships, which is a key part of group travel while on holiday in Vietnam. At the end of the day, isn't meeting people one of the main reasons for traveling?

Plus, group travel comes with a guideone that can show you secrets of Vietnam.


Spend Your Holiday in Vietnam Touring the Country


Group Travel in Vietnam

Group travel offers a huge range of benefits. But in the context of a holiday in Vietnam, it's especially beneficial.

Vietnam can initially be puzzling to people who aren't from here. If you haven't been taught any Vietnamese, don't expect to be able to make small talk with just anybody off the bat.

Plus, the complex culture and history of Vietnam are important to the present day, just like they are for every other country. That's why coming prepared with knowledge of these customs and context can greatly help make your journey in Vietnam the best it can possibly be.

Having someone to lead your group who knows what they are talking about is also hugely beneficial. They can open your trip to new experiences and memories that you probably wouldn’t find or even be aware of on your own.

That's why a guide shouldn't just be any guy, and at Mr Linh’s Adventures, we employ only the best of the best guides, eager to make sure your trip is perfect.


Spend Your Holiday in Vietnam Touring the Country


The Importance of the Right Guide

Given the complexity of Vietnam from a foreigner's perspective, it's important your guide is professional, experienced, and speaks a common language. But that means that not just any old guide will do.

You need a leader of the pack who can help you navigate the various terrain (and obstacles) you encounter on your trip. Plus, they'll help make things a lot more fun by regaling you with stories and legends about the areas you’re exploring.

Think about walking through Hanoi while traveling solo. You feel a grumble in your stomachuh oh, you're hungry. But where will you eat?

You sadly might end up paying too much for food that isn't high-quality, if it's even authentic. But what if you have someone telling you where to go?

They can show you the right restaurants to eat at, along with some excellent recommendations. It's possible you'll even score a free drink or dish.

Getting lost and being confused in another country can lead to some good stories, but it can also present obstacles on an otherwise great trip. It's worth the extra effort to find the right guide, and none are better than the ones at Mr Linh’s Adventures. Future you will thank you while seeing the best parts of Vietnam in the most authentic and satisfying way.


Holiday in Vietnam: the Time is Now

Group travel is continuing to revolutionize the world of travel. With the right guidance, you'll be able to travel with lower costs and a better appreciation for the sights you're seeing.

Stuck looking for a guide and group? Don't think about it any longer. You've got your answer. We at Mr Linh’s Adventures have a long legacy of helping tourists enjoy all that Vietnam has to offer.

Reach out to us for more information on how to make your holiday in Vietnam the best it could be. Your dream vacation is only a few emails away.

What are you waiting for? Go for it!

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